welsh_rob's Journal

27, 93' dodge caravan, a thin red line, alaska, alles albert, amsterdam, and more, any hands, appleseedcast, arden, arial m, austria, baret, bavaria, bean barritos, bjork songs, black and white magazine, black forest, blending, book of kells, bored, brushless, calm, carfull, carthy, chewing, choose bronze, cinematography, cold hands, cold milk, color, combless, coolhandluke, cowboy bebop, cream soda, crestfallen, d-76, dance, dark forest, dityvon, dumb, empire of the sun, explosions in the sky, family guy, fan, fencing, filming, galarie, ghostbusters(the band), give me danger, godspeed you black emperor, godspeed!youblackemperor, h. geiger, hate wet shoes, hayden, heidelberg, history, huttutunnu, huttwil, ink, innsbruck, isle of man, jag, jazz, jumping, just tired, kbhr, kentucky, kentucky kandles, koden, lalo run, land between the lakes, louisville, masses, middletown, milk hotel, munchin, munich, muted art, muted walks, national geographic, neutral milk hotel, never cry wolf, nimue, northern exposure, of asaph, old shelbyville road, papa m, pedro, people that actually care, photograph, pouges, rain on lens, ren, rob, rocko, roman, scott hicks, shine, shnell, shock, sicily radio with chris, silent life, sketch, slint, smear, smog, snow, snow falling on cedars, songs of weezer, sorry, southard, southland, switzerland, the robe, tired, too long, trading spaces, traffic, travel, travil, venezia, wales, warm hands, wash, welsh, when harry met sally, willow, winsor & newton ink, yes so sam, yo la tengo