welsh_rob (welsh_rob) wrote,

art student call for help.

i got an email from NYU asking if i could come in for an interview. see, i applied to their MFA graduate program, and now i actually hava a chance. the problem is that they want me in next week, and money is very tight. i already got the tickets, but i have no place to stay for the night. i would get in NYC around noon and go to the interview, then just do nothing for awhile, stay the night and catch a flight at La Guardia at 6am. does anyone have a couch or know of a place thats dirt cheap in lower east manhattan, or near the airport?

thanks a million!!!
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i have some friends in the nyc/nj area... want me to ask?
is there really any cheap hostels near lower manhattan or in northern queens? im since i have to be at my flight 4 am the next morning. im thinking i'll just get to the air port when im done with NY for the night and just camp out on the bench in the terminal. i know it sounds crazy, but i'll most likely check out the city until mid-night, then i'll should be at the air port two hours before my flight. and that could make it 4am. so why not just hand out at the air port. i see people do it all the time.
that i don't know about... but i'll ask. otherwise, yeah, you might as well just camp out at the airport. don't want to oversleep your flight.